Yo! We heard you liked feedback, so we have some feedback on your feedback!

In all seriousness, thanks for all the testing and invaluable feedback we received on Evader. We have spent some quality time analyzing it and I will attempt to sum up the results of that in this update.

Firstly I will address some things that we do intend to change or clarify.

  • The first thing that came back from nearly all of you(and which we experienced ourself as well) is the relative awkwardness of the current control scheme. For the release we have adjusted the tap regions to be 1/3rd of the screen vertically each. No more missing an Evade because you tapped too low!
    Some of the other screens will also receive minor control region overhauls.
  • The second thing that a lot of you mentioned was a lack of understanding of the scoring functions and the multiplier and bomb interaction. We will adjust the help screen to provide better information. For you testers: the multiplier is tied to the bomb and only to the bomb. When you activate the bomb you will receive 5 points times the multiplier(regardless of the amount of asteroids on screen). So it might be a wise strategy to allow your multiplier to be built up as high as you can get it.
  • A good third was the indication that the scores required to unlock ships are too high, that is intentional for this testing stage, in the full release there will be more ships and scores will be less spread out. You will be able to unlock the first ship with 200 points in the full release version.

In this second part of the feedback-feedback I will address some things we will not change or add, as we deem these to be as designed.

  • We have intentionally refrained from giving the different ships different characteristics or behavior, since we want the game to have a competetive side, we felt doing so would inevitably distort score comparisons.
  • We will not add shooting, the bomb is as shooty as the game is going to get.
  • A pause button is not worth it with games this short. It should hardly be any effort to start a new game and attain a comparable score. We also feel that returning from a pause (re)starts you in a bad spot, since you will not remember where the asteroids were.

This concludes our session of feedfeedbackback, thanks for taking the time to read this.

As a little bonus, here’s some details of the testing phase so far.

  • Testing has been done on 15 different devices in 5 different countries(NL,UK,CA,US,BR)
  • 783 games have been played in total, of which 515 with the first ship, 213 with the second and 55 with the third.
  • 90 highscores have been recorded, averaging at 199.01 points.
  • 32 tweets have been sent(or at least the button pressed)
  • Ship 3 has been unlocked by playing 100 games by 3 players.
  • Ship 3 has been unlocked by scoring 800 points by 3 players.

As the dolphins once said: “So long and thanks for all the fish.”

We hope to see you at Hell ‘o Bullets!